My new insect photography website

Gepubliceerd op 11 november 2023 om 22:34

Today I started creating my new insect photography website. On this site I will post photos, tips, articles, and a lot more, related to photographing insects. I will fill it step by step over the coming weeks. I hope it will be useful to everybody that is interested in photographing insects.


I uploaded shots of all butterflies I saw this year to the site. I will do the same with other insects. This is a Brown Argus.


Half a year ago I retired from my company and started a journey to learn everything there was to know about insect photography. I had photographed some insects before, but now I decided to delve into all aspects of it. So, I bought a new camera and lens with insect photography in mind, watched tons of YouTube videos, and started experimenting in all possible ways. I had 20 weeks until the end of the insect season in the Netherlands. Over this period, I took more than 15.000 pictures, and I learned a lot about photographing insects.

I like to share my work. I wrote a series of articles on my experiences. You can use the link above to read them. But I wanted to do more. So I have now started this website about insect photography. Here I will share my work, and I will keep you updated on my endeavors. It is autumn here in the Netherlands, with winter on its way, so there are not many insects around anymore. But you can still find them, also inside. But there is enough other stuff to do. I am going over all the shots I took this summer and experiment with different ways to process them. Also I borrowed a collection of old prepared insects that I can photograph. And I even ordered some insects from an online shop. They did not arrive yet. 

And my main project is to write a book on the things I learned about insect photography. I wrote some 150 pages so far. Still 100 to go. The book will teach you how to photograph insects in an easy and fun way. It will also contain some 250 of my insect shots. The plan is that it is ready in March. 

So keep following this blog and you will hear about all the things I do. And please leave a comment if you want to hear about a particular topic. I can then look into it and write about it in a future post. 

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