Catching more night moths

Gepubliceerd op 13 november 2023 om 11:13

Yesterday we had another dry night, so I set up my LED moth trap again. I caught lots of them, 45 in total. Most were the same as yesterday, but there was one other species.


Large Wainscot, The Brick, and Autumnal Moth (most likely)


When looking in my moth trap this morning there were lots of insects in it. Also, there were many sitting around it. They where largely the same as yesterday, and some of them might have been the same insect. But there was one different species: a Large Wainscot. I had seen this one before in September, when using a lamp and bedsheet, but not yet in the moth trap. So this time there where the following species:

  • December Moth
  • The Sprawler 
  • Mottled Umber 
  • Autumnal Moth (most likely)
  • Large Wainscot

Rain has returned now, so no more night mothing the coming days.

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