A moth in the curtains

Gepubliceerd op 22 december 2023 om 16:38

When opening the curtains this morning I found this tiny moth, called a Garden Cosmet.


Since I am photographing insects, everything I see I check whether it is not an insect. So when I opened the curtains this morning and there was a tiny dark spot on them, I immediately investigated. It looked like an insect, so I got my camera with macro lens and took this shot. It indeed was a tiny moth, smaller than 1 cm in length. You can clearly see the structure of the curtain behind it. It does not make for a good background, but it was were he was sitting. It was really hard to get a decent shot, as he was moving around all the time. And soon he flew away, never to be seen again. In Dutch it has this rather weird name: Basterdwederikpeulmot.

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