A small and a large winter butterfly

Gepubliceerd op 17 november 2023 om 17:34

Yesterday I saw both the small and the large winter butterfly. Those are the names of these moths in Dutch. In English they are called the Winter Moth and Mottle Umber.


In Dutch these are called the small and the large winter butterfly. In English the names are more different: Winter Moth and Mottled Umber. 


Yesterday, when I was walking in my garden I noticed a small moth on the side of my house, that I had not seen before. It was sitting rather high on the wall. They only way to photograph it was to get a ladder. This gave me the shot at the left. It turned out to be the Winter Moth, which is called the small winter butterfly in Dutch. In the evening I saw the right moth, which is the Mottled Umber, and is called the large winter butterfly in Dutch. It is considerably larger, although you cannot see that from the two images. They look rather different, which is not surprising because they are of a different genus.

Here is another shot of a Mottled Umber that I took a few days ago.

It is hard to imagine that this is actually the same moth. It shows how different the wing pattern can be between individuals. Both are males. The females of this species do not have wings at all. They simply wait for the males to find them.

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