Article: Creating Symmetry

Gepubliceerd op 18 november 2023 om 18:31

Symmetry in images is always attractive for viewers. Today I published a new article on how to create images with perfect symmetry.


A perfectly symmetrical wasp, looking at you over the rim of a leaf.


Symmetry is attractive. And insects are rather symmetrical. There is a plane of symmetry going thought their body from the head to the tail. When you take a shot with your camera on that plane and directed along that plane, your shot will show that symmetry. This is, for example, the case with top-down shots or head-on shots. However, the legs, antennae, and wings are normally not in a symmetrical position. And the background is not symmetrical either.

You can solve that in post processing by mirroring one half of the insect and combining it with the original half. Such images are, of course, unnatural. But the technique produces perfectly symmetrical images that are nice to look at, but also feel a bit weird. In my most recent article I explain how to create such images.

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