Abstract photography

Gepubliceerd op 20 november 2023 om 12:32

I am a member of the Dutch photo club De Iris. A month ago Teus de Groot gave a very fascinating talk about abstract photography. Even though this is not about insects, I decided to try this for myself.


My series of abstract shots, called The Island.


After the inspiring lecture by Teus de Groot, the photo club gave everybody an assignment to create a series of three to five abstract images. Even though Teus made it look easy, it actually was really difficult to take abstract shots that still create some interest in the viewer, besides the obvious "What am I looking at". 

This is the series I submitted, which I called The Island. For me it is an island that I approach from the sky.


I also placed photographs of 13 dragonflies and damselflies in the Insect section.

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