My first shots, 50 years ago

Gepubliceerd op 21 november 2023 om 17:31

50 years ago I started photographing. I got an Olympus LSR, analog of course, and shot in black-and-white as I could not afford color. I managed to borrow a negative scanner recently, so now I am able to see some of my very early shots.


One of my first shots.


Slightly over 50 years ago I started photographing. I had saved enough money to buy an SLR camera. I also bought some equipment to make my own prints. Black-and-white of course. Color was way to expensive. This was quite an investment for a highschool kid. But later I made part of that back by selling prints of school events that I photographed.

Recently I managed to borrow a ProScan 10T negative scanner. So now I can finally look back at some of the many shot I took in those days. Scanning the negatives is a slow process, and many of them have scratches, but that adds to the nostalgia. This is one of the photographs from the first film I shot. Not an insect, but a sheep. Already in those days I liked to shoot nature.

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