My first insect shot

Gepubliceerd op 22 november 2023 om 13:03

I am digitising many of my old photographs. That leads to some interesting discoveries, like the first insect shot I took, 50 years ago.


My first insect shot of a caterpillar.


This shot I took in the summer of 1973. A large caterpillar. Next to it I put a match, so you get an idea of the size. Without colors I cannot tell what butterfly this caterpillar belongs to though. Clearly, the maximal magnification factor of my camera and lens were not that good. So this was probably the closest I could get. I have no recollection of taking this shot and I also never printed it, so this was the first time I saw it in 50 years.

It seems I also did some bird photography, but without any telephoto lens. I had just one lens. Here is my first bird shot.

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