Article: Will AI Kill Photography?

Gepubliceerd op 30 november 2023 om 17:08

In the past couple of years, generative AI has become a mainstream technique, and programs like Photoshop and Luminar Neo now support it. This AI will improve further over the coming years. Does the world still need photographers if AI can generate any photograph you like? Read my opinion about this.


Will AI make my work obsolete? This is a question that worries many photographers. And it does not restrict itself to photography. Musicians, writers, actors, programmers, and many other professionals are worried about what the AI developments mean for their work. I think there is a big difference between hobby photographers and professional photographers. For hobby photographers very little will change. Professional photographers though will have to focus on areas where their role is still important, and they will have to learn new skills. For more, read my article on Medium.

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