Hair ice

Gepubliceerd op 2 december 2023 om 14:55

Hair ice, also called ice wool or frost beard, can form on moist dead wood. It looks like silky hair. Today we had a morning photo excursion on the Veluwe and were lucky to see a lot of it.


Hair ice looks, as its name suggest, like white hair, but it is formed by ice.

This morning we had a little photo excursion on the Veluwe. The temperature was just below freezing, so there was already some speculation we might find hair ice. And we were not disappointed. There was hair ice at many placed. I had never seen it before, so this was a special opportunity for me.

Hair ice forms on moist, rotting wood when the temperature is slightly below 0 degrees (Celsius) and it is humid. The hair is actually the result of a fungus. The fungus shapes the ice into the fine hairs and stabilizes it such that it does not recrystallize. For more information, see the Wikipedia page on hair ice. Here are some of the shots I took.

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