An Angle Shades in the LED trap

Gepubliceerd op 17 december 2023 om 11:11

Last night it was dry and rather warm so I put out my butterfly trap, although I did not expect much this time of the year. In the morning there was just one moth but it was a beautiful one: this Angle Shades. 


An Angle Shades moth.

Last night it was 9 degrees Celsius and it would not get colder during the night. Also it was humid but dry. These are normally good conditions for catching night moths. But it has been cold the last week, and in December there are very few night moths active. So, I did not expect much when I set up my LED trap. And I was right. This morning there were no moths in the trap. But there was one Angle Shade sitting next to it. These moths are very common, but normally you see them in May-October. But they can be seen in winter as well, as this shot shows. It was awake but not very active. When I tried to place it in the plants it crawled on this little stick, providing a wonderful photo opportunity.

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